Paper mill

A century of history and investment

The mill, whose location in San Pietro a Vico (Lucca) dates back to 1908, was taken over in 1946 by the brothers Francesco, Modesto, Pasquale and Giovan Bernardo Cardella. As a result of corporate reorganisation in the early 1950's Modesto became the sole owner. In years following his untimely death, his son Mario (current Chairman of the Board) replaced him at the helm and continued to invest in rebuilding, technological upgrading and innovation, to progressively achieve current levels of production of centers of corrugated cardboard made from waste paper with a capacity of 200 thousand tonnes per year.
Over the years new paper machines were continuously introduced, up to the current day situation which sees the MC3 (size 250 cm) and the MC4 (useful format 280 cm) in production.
With the increase in production capacity the energy needs of the plant have obviously also increased, but the issues of environmental sustainability and energy saving have never been neglected.
With the MC4, built in 1977, a biological water treatment plant was put into operation with a capacity which is still sufficient to treat all the waste water from the paper mill.
In 1995 a substantial renovation on the MC4 was implemented to augment the capacity and production quality.
The whole wet end part of the continuous machine was redesigned with the inclusion, on the flat board, of a Duoformer (two gap former) and two "shoe presses" of VoithSulzer construction.
Between 2009 and 2013 a complete renovation of the MC4 line (with the exception of the press section installed in 1995) was undertaken to attain a modern machine, capable of producing the main qualities of paper in fluting rolls and testliner in the different weights required by customers, also treated by film press.


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High bank rating

The company enjoys a high bank rating and is distinguished by its large investments in innovation and development, borne out by its participation in the Master in "Production of paper/cardboard and Management of the Production System."