Cartiere Modesto Cardella | the best practice in the realization of sw for the management of the production

02 November , 2011

"I take credit for having chosen Xenesys as a partner and I leave them to the excellent work of the realization of our production control software."

Here's an example of how a system integrator can earn the trust of a new customer and, in a short time, create a completely customized project giving maximum satisfaction.

It took place recently in Lucca, land of paper mills, and features Xenesys and Cartiere Modesto Cardella, sales of approximately 80 million Euros, about 100 employees and the production of approximately 200 rolls of paper daily. The mill is named after the founder (father of the current owner Mario Cardella) who runs the business with his daughter Rosaria, and sons, Christian and Modesto. In particular Rosaria is responsible for managing IT and oversaw the project.

Customer needs and the birth of the project

The primary need of the customer was to replace the hardware and software production management platforms (client server architecture), considered inflexible and not in line with recent technological developments. The property had posed the requirements of minimizing downtime, maintaining the database already present (Oracle DB) and interfacing with the management software in use (AIMS).

"We were in trouble: the platforms in use were outdated and the old supplier was no longer able to supply us, so we asked some suppliers for proposals for their replacement." said Rosaria Cardella "Xenesys, which we had known for about a year, had solved a problem related to the timely making safe of the old system (at their investment) and so we already had trust in them: we were reassured by the way they worked, timely and purposeful. The choice was between the Xenesys proposal, totally customised, and the software of a company coming from automation, not customised but still in need of a very thorough personalisation. "

At the proposal stage, we presented a precise and detailed project (at our investment), with great attention to value for money, and it was chosen.

"The heart of the project, the production, is crucial for a company like ours, which operates 24/7. Another reason for choosing Xenesys was for their expertise in the management of continuous production. The tension with this type of production is very high ".

The project

Xenesys developed customised software, SCOPE 2011, which not only fitted perfectly with the existent functionality but was also enhanced by new features shared with the customer.

During the two-month duration of the project (150 man-days), the PM reinforced the current system as a whole, from the generation of the production order to the realization of the product, associated with the order for the customer. At the implementation phase the testing followed, in parallel with the old system, up to the production: in just a few days all the problems had been resolved.
SCOPE 2011, interfacing with company management, controls the entire production process, from the placing of the order to its completion: through the implementation of a graphical user interface, the software guides the different profiles in their tasks and allows semi-automatic weight reading of the coil and label printing. Different profiles can use the application with simple thin clients as the software resides on Windows Server 2003 where the fully virtualized Terminal Services is active).

The benefits

  • Virtualization of the entire infrastructure with resulting reduction of hardware costs, reduced energy consumption, reduction of downtime and possibility of full backup of the machine
  • Access to SW via remote desktop thereby reducing response time in case of failure
  • Reduction of the response time of the software
  • Reduction of thin client configuration in the case of a crash from a few hours to a few minutes
  • Recovery of Oracle licenses previously used on desktop

The report

During go-live, the Xenesys PM was present even at night to oversee the migration without risking a pause in production, which would have been very serious and expensive for the customer.

"I was completely in tune with the Xenesys PM" says Rosaria Cardella "Sometimes I wanted to 'switch him off', such was his energy and determination. I had no doubt that he could solve the small, inevitable problems that arise in the launching phase. It was only a question of time. "

The availability and cooperation of an attentive customer is essential for the motivation of the team, although Rosaria closes by saying: "I do not personally think that I have particular merit in this project, other than to have chosen you."