Environment and Sustainability

Both civilians and public and private institutions are becoming increasingly attentive and sensitive towards environmental issues. S.p.A. Cartiere Modesto Cardella puts the desire to contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the environment into practice by ensuring, in the exercise of its business, commitment to continuous compliance with all applicable regulations and corporate standards regarding this issue.   

With the establishment of a system of voluntary environmental certification, complying with the IS014001 directives, the company has made an active contribution to the ethical dynamic for sustainable development, in line with other initiatives for continuous improvement being promoted in the Paper District of Capannori.

In pursuing the efforts aimed at continuous improvement of environmental performance and pollution prevention, the Executive Board intends in particular to:
  • evaluate the best available techniques which, in addition to giving advantages in the production process could lead to the containment of environmental impact, especially regarding the management of the water cycle and the generation of waste;
  • gradually adopt policies and internal organisational instruments, as well as good environmental management, to facilitate an improvement in the different production conditions;   
  • raise awareness among internal and external interlocutors about the fundamental principles  of safeguarding the environment and the health of the workers;
  • cooperate with local businesses and institutions in initiatives which are of value to the area and which can gradually ease environmental pressure from the paper industries present in the territory.

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  • Urban collection
  • Industrial waste

  • A gas turbine unit fuelled by piped natural gas with a net power rating of 7,000 kW
  • A recovery boiler for the production of a nominal capacity of 40 t/h of high pressure steam (5.5 Mpa) superheated (450 ° C), equipped with a system of post-combustion using natural gas
  • The existing turbosteam group, driven by a total back pressure turbine of the original capacity of 4,500 kW

  • Purification Plant